Canton Film Office

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The tradition, culture, and history of the Deep South are always on display in picturesque Canton - one of Mississippi's most unique and majestic cities. With its renowned arts and crafts community, turn-of-the-century town square, historic buildings and homes, and dazzling special events, Canton offers visitors a year-round, homespun celebration of its past and future.

Reflecting the city's rich heritage are Canton's great columned mansions and its majestic Greek Revival Courthouse surrounded by one-of-a-kind shops in splendid 19th Century buildings. Few cities rival Canton's penchant for preserving its colorful history and sharing its strong sense of community.

Canton's proximity to Mississippi's capital and the state's largest metropolitan area, and its renewed emphasis on preserving history, culture, tradition and sense of community have made this city of the South a premier destination for visitors from across the country. Located just 20 miles north of Jackson and 10 miles from the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, and the Ross Barnett Reservoir, Canton is accessible from the north and south on Interstate 55.

With all of this, and so much more, Canton is a great destination for any shoot. So head to Canton, we love the company!


Since 1995, the Canton Convention and Visitors Bureau and Canton Film Office have been working on a one-of-a-kind economic development project for the State of Mississippi. Over the last decade-and-a-half, Mississippi has laid the groundwork to be recognized as a major force in the film industry, attracting the major motion pictures, television documentaries, commercials, and independent filmmakers. These productions have been the catalyst for building an experienced crew base that is vital to the future growth of the film production industry in the State. Production has also had significant economic impact in many communities throughout Mississippi and the State now offers a generous production cost rebate on money spent for projects in Mississippi.

This competitive incentive program, coupled with increased production activity and the development of a trained crew base have led to the opportunity for development of a state of the art film complex. Using the momentum as the driving force economic development, and in concert with the city, county, State and our operations and development partner RoadTown Enterprises, Ltd, we have established a historic and valuable asset for Mississippi; Mississippi Film Studios at Canton. 

It has been our goal to create a competitive and desirable production facility that will allow these craftsmen to be trained and to work in their home state. It is our mission to have this facility available and marketed to independent filmmakers, television and commercial production and major Hollywood studios. With RoadTown, we have completed development of Phase I, which is comprised of one massive 36,000 sf sound stage, office space and a full suite of production support services all a 30+ acre secured land.

Available for production beginning mid-January 2011. Mississippi Film Studios at Canton;filmmakers are giving Mississippi a new look.

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